To be a great brand on Twitter isn’t easy. Consumers have so many options for connections, it isthat much harder to stand out. Some of the brands that grabbed our attention in 2014 were Pretzel Crisps, The Culinary Institute of America, Arbys, WWE, and Home Goods.

The majority of experts we spoke with are fans of Arby’s high quality content and innovative marketing strategy on Twitter. Not only does Arby’s stay on top of current trends, the brand also has a sense of humor that keeps its audience coming back for more.

“My vote was for Arby’s – from listening to their customers and creating a meat mountain, to tweeting at the right time to win the 2014 Grammys, Arby’s is a prime example of how social listening can be used by brands to win the hearts and minds of customers,” says Nick Cicero, CEO and Founder of Delmondo.

“My favorite in the Brand on Twitter category is Arby’s, because not only do they post content that drives people to their locations to buy, they also engage with their fans and other important figures and brands in social media,” says Stacey Miller, senior and social media relations manager at Cision. “Their interactions are relevant, timely, and quite frankly, hilarious – and this proves that their team is dedicated and understands their audience demographics.”

Aliza Sherman, CEO of Yuma-based Spark The Creative Agency, thinks another brand deserves to be at the head of the pack. “Visually rich and deliciously informative, Pretzel Crisps really wins on Twitter. They engage and respond, provide amazing eye candy and shareable tweets, and take their messaging beyond the product into life and lifestyle so they are relevant beyond snacking. Oh, how I wish they were gluten free!”

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