Which food brands are doing Instagram right now? If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further:


Starbucks’ Instagram account is more personable than Instagram accounts of most other food brands. Starbucks builds a sense of honesty and community on their Instagram by constantly re-posting pictures from those tagged #starbucks.

Mmm, the land of coconutmilk & honey oat wafels. #IcedCoffee #RipVanWafels Regram: @ripvanwafels

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When your coffee matches your city. 🙌 #IcedCaramelMacchiato Regram: @yogafawzi

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Taco Bell

Since 2014, when Taco Bell was the first restaurant to advertise on Instagram, they have been ruling the social media platform. If you follow Taco Bell on Instagram, you know how much personality their posts add to your feed. Taco Bell showcases their menu items in creative, colorful, and artsy ways. Credit for their 1.1 million Instagram followers can be given to their fun depictions of food.

Good morning, sunshine. ☀️ It’s time to kickstart your day. #MountainDewKickstart

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When your accessories are 🔥. #DoritosLocosTacos

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Red Bull

You’ll rarely find a picture of Red Bull’s products on their Instagram. Instead, you’ll find colorful pictures and videos of people, full of energy, doing adventurous things. Red Bull mastered content marketing. They know who follows them, and what posts would appeal to these followers.

Last call. 🚨 🏃: @thejasonpaul #freerunning #jump #parkour

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Everyone loves to see a good laugh on their Instagram feed. Following Chipotle does just that. Attached to each of their posts is a caption that’ll make you smile. Chipotle’s focus on their captions is genius because it encourages engagement from their following.


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Feast mode.

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme knows their advantage over many other food brands: the colorfulness of their products. Their Instagram posts are full of magnificent colors that grab your attention quickly: literal eye candy. They post videos that make their products look delicious and repost pictures from some of their fans.  They also keep up with the times by posting about their seasonal doughnuts just as much as their classics. For example, because it’s the end of summer, Krispy Kreme just posted a picture of school supplies with a donut. By organizing their content in this way, they keep their followers interested.

What’s your favorite account, well-known or otherwise? Let us know on social which food brands on Instagram you’re admiring and why.