Every year, we come up with a list of the best marketing and analytics conferences out there. This time around, we’re looking at the best ones of 2017 — and just as before, we’re relying on our years of conference-going expertise to give you a better look at each one.

This list will be updated throughout the year as we get more information, so keep an eye out!

Dublin Tech Summit

Dates: February 15-16
Location: Dublin
Ideal for Professionals in: Technology, Media, Publishing, Social Media, Finance, Healthcare, Fashion, CPG
Cost: €310-€795
Speakers Include: Matthew Luhn (Pixar), Jeremy Goldman (Firebrand Group), Bill Evans (IBM Watson Health)

Leaders in technology, business and innovation from around the world gather in Dublin to discuss the future of technology and industry. This summit aims to bring large, established companies together with smaller, emerging businesses, creating a network of dedicated innovators.

This summit is essential for anyone looking to learn about emerging technologies, make valuable connections, and explore the lovely city of Dublin.

Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

Dates: February 22-23
Location: San Diego
Ideal for Professionals in: Media, Retail, Technology, Healthcare, CPG
Cost: $600- $2095
Speakers Include: Roopesh Varier (American Express), Aswath Ravidran (Starbucks), Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy (Halliburton)

Almost every business worth their salt is looking at big data and how it can help drive growth. This summit brings industry leaders in to share their insights and experience on topics ranging from Real Time Analytics of Big Data to Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT to Optimizing Data Science Teams.

Be inspired by the speakers and participate in penetrating conversations with peers to become well versed in the latest big data strategies and innovations in predictive analytics.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

Dates: March 21-22
Location: New York
Ideal for Professionals in: Marketing, Media, Publishing, Fashion
Cost: $600-$2395
Speakers Include: Joe Fullman (The Onion), Teal Newland (Conde Nast), Peter Dawkins (United Nations)

Digital marketers are always under pressure to show concrete results. This conference will teach you how to best utilize the latest SEO strategies, create relevant and engaging content, and personalize your outreach programs, while also providing insight from industry leaders.

In addition to learning many useful and profitable skills, you will also have the chance to network with like-minded and influential peers, allowing you to form valuable connections.

Digital Enterprise Show

Dates: May 23-25
Location: Madrid, Spain
Ideal for: CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, HR
Cost: TBA
Previous Speakers Include: Adel Rouz (Fujitsu), Alberto Ceniz (Google for Work), Alejandro de Miguel (IBM)

DES offers something for everyone, whether you’re a CEO looking to find new technologies for your business or a tech start-up looking for investors. Learn about the latest technologies and how they can provide solutions for your company. Network with high-level executives, government officials, private investors, and academic experts. No matter the industry you’re in, you’ll be sure to come away with valuable insights.

Marketing Analytics Conference

Dates: June 5-6
Location: Austin
Ideal for Professionals in: Marketing, Social Media, Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Research, Media, Hospitality, Insurance, Auto, CPG
Cost: $990-$2390
Previous Speakers Include: David Isquick (Facebook), Allison Barnes (Coca-Cola), Niloy Sanyal (GE)

MAC is the leading marketing analytics conference, where experts from a wide range of industries go to discuss the case studies and strategies that will best help your company grow. This conference will teach you to identify and address the most challenging issues of today, while also giving you the chance to learn from and network with others.

This year, MAC is offering two different options depending on your interests. The first is geared towards senior executives, meant to cultivate a high-level understanding of the potential of analytics; the second is an in-depth look at the specifics of data-driven marketing, for those who rely on it for their day-to-day work. Whichever one you choose, there’s something for everyone.


San Francisco

Dates: May 9-11
Location: San Francisco
Ideal for: Senior IT, Marketing & Digital Executives
Cost: $59-$1495
Speakers: TBA


Dates: October 2-4
Location: Boston
Ideal for: Senior IT, Marketing & Digital Executives
Cost: $59-$1495
Speakers: TBA

The MarTech conferences are a great way to bridge the gap between marketing and IT. Learn how technology can change your marketing strategies for the better, and discover how you can implement these strategies across your entire organization. Immerse yourself in the world of innovation, and network with like-minded senior-level professionals.