Looking to up your Twitter game? Twitter Counter recently launched a new Chrome browser plug-in, giving members access to suggestions intended to boost tweet performance.

Not only does Twitter Counter provide statistics about individual tweets, but also suggests ways in which your updates could have reached more viewers—whether it’s including an image, adding a hashtag, or reformatting. Other interesting features include seeing the unique visitors who landed on your profile and tracking your follower growth over time. Essentially, this plug-in serves as your one-on-one Twitter coach.

“Twitter Counter approaches analytics in a way that’s easy to digest, a selling point if you’re not really looking for a service that lists a dozen different metrics that you wouldn’t know what to do with,” according to Digital Trends. “And to Twitter Counter’s credit, there are two useful features to get a better sense of how your account is performing.”

The best part is that it’s free to use, and easy to integrate into your daily Twitter habits. If you’re asking yourself whether your tweets could be performing better, Twitter Counter can give you the advice you need to improve your online presence and build an even better Twitter reputation.