You haven’t heard of the Australian barbecue chain Chicken Treat, have you? Well, thanks to their new marketing campaign, that’s about to change.

In partnership with the Perth-based agency Marketforce, the chicken fast food chain brought on a new social media manager, Betty. The thing is, Betty is not a particularly great typist. In fact, she is downright awful. To be fair, Betty is a chicken. Here’s how the stunt works: Marketforce and Chicken Treat put the keyboard inside Betty’s coop. For the better part of two weeks, she’s been using her keyboard to promote the fast food chain on Twitter. “We felt we needed to look at different ways to communicate across different channels,” Chicken Treat CEO Mimma Battista told Mumbrella. “All of our competitors are playing the regular guy so we, as the challenger brand, wanted to bring some fun into our marketing and find unique ways to engage with consumers. “We are the jester brand. Out intention is to be cheeky and light-hearted.”

In addition to letting Betty run the account day-to-day, the company created image-based tweets repurposing Betty’s tweets, such as this one for Halloween:

Sometimes, it almost looked like she was legitimately trying to type something:

Other times, it almost looked like Betty was typing license plates of some sort:

In addition to this being pretty amazing publicity for Chicken Treat — the campaign led to a sales increase of 8% since it began on October 8 — there’s another reason for the move. The chain has Betty in charge until she produces a bonafide English word (five characters minimum) by October 30, at which point Chicken Treat will win a Guinness Book of World Records award. While Betty didn’t hit her objective, given the campaign’s success, it continued another three weeks. The last tweet of the campaign happened on November 19th, as follows:

You’ve got to hand it to Chicken Treat: the campaign was pretty clucking clever.