In today’s day and age, if you dream up a job, there’s a good chance it already exists.  For example, Japan has professional pushers to shove as many people as possible on to the crowded commuter trains. We can’t help but wonder why New Yorkers haven’t started following this trend—there’s quite a few people who practice this skill on a volunteer basis every day.

To add to the growing list of unique jobs is a GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) Content Specialist. Many GIFs (though not all) are animated, and these images have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment across the web. Not surprisingly, media and marketing firms are looking for people who specialize in creating them.

If you’re the type of person who spends hours browsing through funny videos and clips with a background in video editing this may be your new dream job. Companies are now hiring people to find the best video segments and edit them to play on a loop. Who wouldn’t love to get paid for that?

Giphy, the popular Betaworks-backed startup was recently hiring an Editorial Assistant/GIF Content Specialist, though the position now seems to be filled. Here’s a look at the actual job description:

“Giphy is looking for a content editor to help us fill the world with excellent gifs. You should be the kind of person who lives on Buzzfeed, HuffPo, and Reddit and who is always on top of the day’s funniest gifs.


An extremely strong knowledge of pop culture (both present day and also movies/tv/music of the past 50 years)

An extremely strong attention to detail and sense of organization.”

Looking to specialize in GIF content creation? We’re seeing more and more roles for “GIF Artists” and “Freelance GIF Makers” popping up recently, so be sure to keep your skills sharped and eyes peeled!