Spreadsheet-lovers: Facebook is introducing an all-new way to make ads manager much more pleasant to work with. And let’s face it, if you’re an advertiser looking to analyze your ad effectiveness, chances are you typically like to use Excel to play with data. It’s been possible to evaluate your Facebook ads using Excel, but it’s typically been a laborious process. Facebook’s heard your concerns, and is releasing a new add-in for Excel 2016 intended to make campaign reporting far simpler and easier.

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, otherwise known as FAME, will let advertisers quickly run just one report and, in doing so, will download data from multiple ad accounts simultaneously Using FAME, you’ll be able to build a report template using Excel, then download your Facebook ad performance data directly into the sheet of your choice. Imagine combining ad data from a few different accounts into just one account? I’m sure you’re salivating at the possibility.

FAME can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Office Store and use the pre-configured templates to start pulling down common metrics and manipulating data to your heart’s content.