Earlier this year, Refresh won Firestarter Awards’ Productivity App of the Year, competing against stiff competition from fan-favorite tools Databox, Instapaper, CARROT, and Mailbox. Now, Refresh has announced another major moment: it is joining the LinkedIn family.

Refresh and LinkedIn’s shared passion for delivering insights helping professionals be more productive only makes this partnership so much more exciting, says Shah. “LinkedIn gives us an opportunity to share insights with more than 347 million professionals across the globe.”

The app will be closing down on April 15, and Refresh will no longer be accepting registrants. Of the current team of 15 at Refresh, 12 will be joining LinkedIn to integrate their technology into LinkedIn products. A spokesperson for LinkedIn mentions, “We’re looking to take their smarts and add them to a number of products and come up with a number of insights to make LinkedIn even more valuable.”

LinkedIn’s Connected app is likely to be one of the products, since it has already shown elements of predictive computing providing insights to users who are near people within their network.

Refresh was founded under the belief that every professional could discover common interests to build stronger relationships with people they were meeting prior to meeting, according to Bhavin Shah, CEO & Co-Founder of Refresh. Since its launch three years ago, Refresh has been focal to building countless connections with over hundreds of millions of meetings and insights collected. Customer feedback, and countless articles and reviews have provided validation that Refresh has excelled at accomplishing this.

Overall, the acquistion will allow LinkedIn to better compete against other upstarts involved with providing predictive insights. As for Refresh, Shah ends his announcement on a sweet note, “But our work has just begun! There are lots of great things to come from our team at LinkedIn.”

Looking forward to seeing the changes on LinkedIn in the coming months. Have you used Refresh? What are your thoughts on Refresh joining LinkedIn? Comment or tweet us: @FirebrandGrp.

Image via TechCrunch