Why do kids get all the candy? They don’t even have jobs. Remember the good ole’ days of going door to door, and strangers gave you candy for free?

To our friends who work 9-to-6; you deserve a fun Halloween. Our team there created a free candy social media campaign that we liked to call the #untrickortreat. After connecting with our friends across New York City via digital media, we then visited them with some ghastly little nibbles. Grab your witches brew and relive the tasty highlights from our #untrickortreat journey below.

Team Firebrand ghosts n’ goblins were prepping treats at our halloween lair of horror, Grind.

Marilee, from Skyn ICELAND, is all smiles after receiving her bag of goodies. Gabbi from Ahava was ecstatic to receive her candy, and provided us with a tour of the office. (Dig the space!)

Halfway through our delivery, we stumbled upon a party at Mindshare, and well… the rest is history. We made a new friend. Meet Kisses. Mr. Hershey Kisses. Thanks, Emily for inviting us to your excellent office party, and enjoy reading Going Social!

Last, but not least, we hopped on our broomsticks and flew to surprise our friends at Socialfly.


Where will you be #untrickortreating this Halloween? Happy Haunting!