The strongest tool in marketing is audience segmentation. Tailoring to a message to users based on demographics, psychographics, behaviors and product usage enables a brand to create an effective, relevant campaign based on what influences those users.

Audience-SegmentationFacebooks largest strength to advertisers, in its’ words, is the ability to “reach all the right people more efficiently.” The #1 top targeting option they have, that other social networks don’t is actually basic demographic information including age, gender, and education. Other networks, including Twitter, do not have that information. For a Coachella activation, Heineken had to send Snapchat followers an image of a bouncer for them to snap back confirmation of their age. Age is always step one in audience segmentation and is a factor for limitations for advertising opportunities, specifically related to mature products.

With Facebooks acquisition of Instagram, Instagram now has access to Facebook’s detailed targeting options including location, behaviors, demographics, connections, and interests. This holiday season, Stella Artois, an Anheuser-Busch brand, is the first alcoholic beverage to utilize those tools to craft ads to consumers. Prior to the purchase of Instagram, this was unchartered territory due to limitations in the ability to market to consumers over 21+.

For this holiday activation, Stella Artois will launch several photos on Instagram as part of their “Give Beautifully” campaign. The target market of the Instagram launch is Millenial beer drinkers.

Here is a reveal of three of the Instagram ads.

Stella Artois 1

Stella Artois 2

Stella Artois 3