Anyone born within the 1980s to 2000s is considered part of Generation Y, the Millennial generation. As a Millennial myself, I understand that we are known for being the most tech savvy, narcissistic, idealistic, innovative, and socially aware and connected generation of all time. I’ve noticed how my fellow peers and influencers are viewed as know-it-alls, be-it –alls, and do- it-alls. It seems like we should be called Generation “Y not?” We think we can do everything, and it appears that some of us actually can. However, not to be too cliché, but what happened to less is more? Are we moving backwards because we have so many options to choose from as a modern day Millennial?


Originally featured on TIME.

Time is precious and as you get older, time becomes more valuable. Technology helps free up some time, especially with apps and services that allow us to order and find things quickly, and to figure out and plan things faster. This fast pace reinforces our millennial identity because we are constantly pressured to be the best and bombarded with options to choose from and decisions to be made. Satisfaction is also harder to come by when we are paralyzed by choices. So, what happens? You keep trekking on that path toward “fulfillment” because you need to live up to your peers and find that sense of satisfaction. Do you actually have enough time to work full time, be a part-time consultant, therapist, babysitter, and have a t-shirt business on the side (and let’s not forget while also updating all of your social media platforms)?

The solution to managing a busy life and schedule is to know your priorities, strengths, and responsibilities, and to balance them. Responsibilities don’t stop, however, we can strategize and plan out parts of our lives to make sure we don’t get burned out. Learn to relax and schedule that in. Make special time for yourself that doesn’t involve technology. Maybe pick up a new hobby that allows you to be social and be fit. Try a new restaurant or take a trip somewhere new. Meanwhile, learn to continue to appreciate the little things…and take it one step at a time. Focus on doing things that make you happy, being around people that make you happy, and ultimately knowing what this happiness is. That’s success.