Move over, Google: Pinterest is upping their e-commerce game.

Why is this important? Because in a period of rapid development and updates from every and any digital platform, it’s time for networks like Pinterest to make themselves indispensable in the social media world. Snapchat has staked its claim as the leader in capturing the millennial mindset. Facebook and Instagram keep unveiling new algorithms to stay ahead of the game while keeping both businesses and consumers happy. Twitter is playing catchup by introducing change after change to increase its value to influencers and engagers.

Pinterest e-commerce

So where will Pinterest stand? According to the New York Times, Facebook and Twitter are viewed as Pinterest’s biggest competition, but the fact of the matter is that Google is the greatest contender against this particular platform. Pinterest is a place to search out inspiration and ideas based upon specific keywords- sound familiar to the well-known search engine?

But unlike Pinterest, Google Shopping allows consumers to take ideas and act upon them almost immediately through purchase. It’s a great way to show sizeable ROI for businesses: and Pinterest wants a part of that. “Shopping with Pinterest is meant to be that bridge between getting inspiration and actually making it a part of your life,” Pinterest chief executive Ben Silbermann said on June 28 at an event held at headquarters in San Francisco.

With buyable pins, an online shopping cart, and photo recognition software that enables products to appear in pop-up windows that click-through to Pinterest, the network seems to be heading in the direction it wants to go. This major shift could be the major business breakthrough in the company’s six-year lifespan, or it could deter potential investors. Ultimately, Pinterest’s e-commerce focus is another move attempting to challenge and redefine the platform’s image in the digital space.