Yesterday, Pinterest unveiled the top pins of 2013, organizing them into 25+ categories, with 20 or so pins included in each.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.53.49 AM

Pins included in each category, according to Pinterest, were chosen based on the total number of re-pins they accumulated from Pinterest users over the course of 2013. These pins shed some light on what consumers were thinking about this year.

Highlighted pins from the Pinterest blog include:

  1. Taco cupcakeschurro waffles, and beer-candied bacon (pictured, right) in Food
  2. The Caves (Jamaica), a geothermal spa (Iceland), and Temples (Myanmar) in Travel
  3. Refurbed bikessouped-up trucks, and The Chevy Stingray in Cars & Motorcycles
  4. Treadmill plansmedicine balls and yoga poses to detox in Health & Fitness
  5. Ikea hackspallet walls and grey paint color schemes in Decor
  6. 3D printerswearables and motion sensors in Technology

We advise brands to pay attention to Pinterest trends, as they help give marketers a sense of what is hot, and what types of visuals are more likely to be re-pinned more often.

Here’s wishing you much success with Pinterest in 2014!