Are you the type to get lost in a good book? Any avid reader will tell you that books have the power to spark your imagination and take you places you’ve only dreamed of. You probably have at least one special story where you’ve even become attached to the characters and feel what they feel—happiness, sadness, excitement—it’s easy to imagine you’re a part of the narrative.

Readers also tend to be deep thinkers and have a more impressive vocabulary. Anne E. Cunningham of the University of California, Berkeley conducted a study on what reading does for the mind and found that readers are more intelligent than non-readers. They have higher cognitive functions—more developed memory skills and an improved ability to spot patterns.


It’s no secret that those who read on a regular basis are better communicators. According to both studies published by York University Psychologist Raymond Mar and Professor of Cognitive Psychology Keith Oatley, people who read fiction are more attuned to their empathic side and more likely to hold beliefs and interests aside from their own.

Being a wordsmith can definitely give you the upper hand in love, as people who can express themselves effectively are the ones who have the most satisfying relationships. After all, it’s important not to feel like your partner makes you guess at their thoughts and motivation. It’s important to connect and understand each other—that’s when you truly fall in love.


Who wouldn’t want to date someone who finds beauty in the details and comfort in life’s simple pleasures…someone with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for creativity? For all these reasons and more, a bookworm is a rare gem—so if you are lucky enough to find one, don’t let go. Stock up your library so they have plenty to read, and be sure to ask for recommendations—most bibliophiles enjoy sharing their favorite books with the ones they love.