At Firebrand Group, we’ve noticed a trend: we’re getting asked about Snapchat Geofilters. We thought we’d answer all (or most) of your questions at once.

What exactly are geofilters?

Geofilters are special visual overlays for Snaps. They are unique in that they can only be accessed in certain geographic locations.

Who should be making geofilters?

Snapchat encourages artists and designers to create geofilters “to bring their one-of-a-kind style to the Snapchat community.” You don’t have to be a professional designer, though – geofilters are open to anyone with a visual flair.

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Can I make a geofilter for my business?

Not right now, no. At the moment, businesses aren’t eligible to create Community Geofilters. Of course, we expect that to change – just not yet.

Will I ever be able to make a geofilter for my business?

[Updated July 10, 2015] You are able to make business geofilters! But Branded Geofilters (as they are officially called) are costly, especially in the short-term.

Branded Geofilters will be a significant Snapchat revenue stream. Companies will be able to introduce brand-sponsored geofilters, and list their geofilters in a promoted fashion so that more users will notice them.

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How exactly do I make a geofilter?

Simply go to and select the geographic area in which you want your filter to be available. Then, upload the image asset you’re looking to use.

How big geographically should my geofilter be?

Snapchat advises users to “keep it local.” For example, don’t try to create a geofilter that covers an entire country, state, or any land mass of that size.

Where exactly should I place my geofilter?

Some ideas where you might want to place your Snapchat geofilter include a:

  1. Public gathering place
  2. Well-known landmark
  3. Neighborhood
  4. Popular hang-out spot

Basically, anywhere where people are likely to frequent and send out Snaps. You don’t want to place your Snapchat geofilter somewhere where nowhere visits, obviously.

Can I use someone else’s art?

No, sorry. All images used for Snapchat geofilters have to consist of original artwork. You won’t be able to get around this, as all geofilters must be approved by the Snapchat team.

Can I put my logo or school crest in my geofilter art?

Sorry, you’re out of luck for the moment. Absolutely no logos or trademarks, including school crests and marks of that nature, are allowed.

What size should my geofilter be?

Snapchat requires that you submit a web-optimized, transparent PNG as your geofilter. Your Snapchat geofilter should use a PNG with a width of 1080 pixels and a height of 1920 pixels.

In addition, files must be under 300KB.

Anything else I need to know before creating my geofilter?

We’re glad you asked:

  1. Snapchat recommends leaving a bit of a buffer on the top and bottom of your geofilter. 149 pixels apiece, to be exact.
  2. Avoid borders!

Last question: what is Snapchat?

…you’re probably reading the wrong article.

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