By now, you’ve probably already listened to a few episodes of FUTUREPROOF. – our new podcast on the future of everything from smart cities to augmented reality to personal branding to artificial intelligence to…well, you get the idea.

Here’s our 17th episode, recorded at Collision, one of the best tech conferences around! Jeremy is joined by Ragy Thomas, the founder and CEO of Sprinklr – the premium enterprise social media software solution for 1500 of the world’s largest brands, who use the company’s tools to do customer care, commerce, research, and other functions on a single unified platform across 24 social media channels. Ragy joins us to discuss the future of customer experience, how Ragy helps predict the future by way of his company’s roadmap, using customers as a “navigation device,” and Ragy’s unveiling of a pretty cool concept called the “Verified Web.” Get ready to learn a thing or two from a master.

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