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We’re huge advocates of digital marketing conferences — as you might’ve read from our Top Social Media Conferences of 2016 post — for various reasons: It can help you grow in your role, provide a new perspective on how you can improve your marketing, learn new ways to get to know your company’s top advocates and transform them into your most-loyal customers (nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing!), and the best of all, endless networking & collaborative opportunities. Discover why & how to make the most of your own marketing data from the top marketing analytics conferences of 2016:

Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

When: February 18 – 19
 San Diego
Cost: $600 – $1,995
2016 Speakers: Bryan Balin of Google Play, Asif Makhani of LinkedIn, Vaughn Quoss of Airbnb
Conference Hashtag: #PASanDiego

With the growth of big data, the web & mobile ad platforms in recent years — businesses are seeing the importance of investing in analytics and data science. Deemed as the summit to “Advance Insight Through Data Science,” this summit is meant for professionals in: Retail, Finance, Non-Profit, Human Resources, Aerospace, Education, Media, Mobile/Apps, Gaming and Hospitality industries involved in advanced analytics for their company(ies).

Learn from senior decision-makers and entrepreneurs, and participate in deep discussions to be in-the-know with what’s driving big data strategies, innovations and analytics from industry peers.

eMetrics Summit

When & Where:

San Francisco: April 3 – 6
Chicago: June 20 – 23
New York: October 24 – 27

 $150 (Social Networking Pass) – $3,097
2016 Speakers: Ben Gaines of Adobe, Chuck Hemann of Intel, Steve Mulder of NPR
Conference Hashtag: #eMetrics

This multi-city summit is known for addressing, simply put, “Big Data for Marketing!” From early adopters most familiar with the semantics of big data to those in learning phase of managing big data, eMetrics is dedicated to the CMO, CIO, Web/Digital Analyst, IT Professional, CIO continuously embracing the challenges of how to utilize data to make informed decisions.

Predictive Analytics World

When & Where:

San Francisco: April 3 – 7
Chicago: June 20 – 23
New York: October 24 – 27
London: October 12 – 13
Washington, DC: October 13 – 16

Cost: $175 (Social Networking Pass) – $4,040
2016 Speakers: Rizwaan Adil of Hewlett-Packard, Julian Bharadwaj of PayPal, Clinton Brownley of Facebook
Conference Hashtag: #PAWCon

#PAWCon aims to provide both experts and newcomers with knowledge of who’s who in predictive analytics, resources and knowledge through vendor-neutral sessions & workshops. With concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics, professionals across all verticals will be able to utilize best practices to deliver impactful results.

SearchLove Conference

When & Where:

Boston: May 3 – 4
London: October 17 – 18
San Diego: February 23 – 24, 2017

Cost: $899 – $1,199
2015 Speakers: Jeremy Goldman of Firebrand Group, Justin Cutroni of Google, John Gagnon of Microsoft
Conference Hashtag: #SearchLove

A two-day event, #SearchLove brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing. To learn the latest in search marketing, analytics, content creation, optimizing your website, paid promotions and more, visit this multi-city conference. Last year, we had the pleasure of speaking at #SearchLove on why social media and ROI do go hand-in-hand. Speaker-lineup will be announced in February, so stay tuned!

Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit

When: April 27 – 28
 San Francisco
Cost: $600 – $1,595
2016 Speakers: Sarah Phillips of Getty Images, Osman Ansari of NBCUniversal, Justin Barton of Viacom
Conference Hashtag: #DataSocial

Big data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With real-time customer feedback included as part of data, its up to those in digital analytics-related roles to find the best methods and tools to properly analyze consumer behavior. This summit aims to provide solutions to help you gain competitive advantage with multiple sessions featuring introductory and advanced level discussions on analytics, and a variety of case studies to draw inspiration from.

Incite Summit West

When: May 17 – 18
 San Francisco
Cost: $999 – $2,945
2016 Speakers: Elizabeth Charles of Athleta, Jessica Jensen of Facebook, Rob Sorensen of LensCrafters
Conference Hashtag: #InciteSummit

USA’s best brand-focused marketing conference is back with its 3rd year in San Francisco with an unmatched list of senior marketing leaders. Leaders from today’s top brands will discuss how to better segment, target and personalize marketing experiences through in-depth insights. Attendees will leave the conference with practical, real-world case studies, how-to’s and a glimpse into the future of marketing.

Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit

When: May 19 – 20
Cost: $600 – $1,595
2016 Speakers: Timothy Lum of Expedia, Blake Irvine of Netflix, Antoine Frange of Zipcar
Conference Hashtag: #MarketingAnalytics

If you’re looking for the best in-class examples of innovative marketing campaigns, and the secrets from today’s top brands and how they’re using marketing analytics to inform content and campaigns, then the Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit is a must-attend. With over 100 top industry minds at the world’s largest executive-led event, enjoy multiple networking sessions and access to presentations & videos post-summit.

Marketing Analytics Conference

When: June 23 – 24
Cost: $1,090 – $1,790
2016 Speakers: Jonathan Frey of Taco Bell, Juan Gorricho of Disney, Bruce Rogers of Forbes Media
Conference Hashtag: #MAC16

The Marketing Analytics Conference, formerly NCDM, is the “big data” conference of DMA. Whether you’re an advanced data scientist, or still in the discovery phase, you’ll be able to choose and learn from distinctive tracks to understand how to manage data, and learn modeling techniques to provide a richer customer experience for your brand(s).


When: September 12 – 14
Cost: $639 – $1,299
2015 Speakers: Rand Fishkin of Moz, Duane Brown of Unbounce, Chris Dayley of Dayley Conversion
Conference Hashtag: #MozCon

MozCon speakers share next-level advice on everything from building a loyal community to making data-driven decisions in your marketing in three days. Enjoy actionable sessions in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, while connecting with #MozCon’s community of industry leaders. Word on the street, Roger the Robot (the #MozCon mascot) is set to make an appearance.

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