Weeks ago, Snapchat released another update to its photo and video-sharing platform: original stickers you could place on content to add pizzazz to your dog selfies and vomiting rainbows. In the race to keep up with the digital precedent set by this up and coming network, Twitter responded with the introduction of their own original stickers, aptly called Twitter Stickers.

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What are Twitter Stickers?

Stickers created by and available on Twitter that can be placed on photos and videos once they are uploaded to Twitter and the user is prepared to post the content.

Why is the Twitter Stickers update so significant?

This update is a symbol of many trends in the digital marketing industry. For one, it shows the power that photos and video hold in engaging with the consumer. Power also falls into the hands of the consumer, because the user gets even more control over how they produce and edit their own content; by giving your audience power, they are more likely to engage. Twitter Stickers also shows the influence Snapchat has over the future of social media evolution. If Snapchat executes a tactic, its likely competitors will take note and adapt to in order to keep up.


Twitter Stickers
A screenshot from the “coming soon” GIF for Twitter Stickers on Twitter’s feed.

How do you use Twitter Stickers?

Simply upload your photo or video to Twitter, then go into the editing function to gain access to an assortment of stickers to add to your content.

twitter stickers

More specifically, how can businesses use Twitter Stickers?

And here is the piece-de-resistance of Twitter Stickers: these stickers act as hashtags that link to other posts that have used the same sticker. Once the tweet is posted, audiences can click on specific stickers and gain access to a stream of content that features this particular sticker. Businesses can monitor the conversation around a sticker in order to advance their strategy! Just as hashtags aggregate content surrounding a conversation, Twitter Stickers take content and create a place where people who use smiley faces or sassy cat visuals to communicate with one another easily.

When will Twitter Stickers be available?

Alas, the update is not available to the public just yet. Wait for it in the next couple of weeks, and get ready to start decorating your multimedia content with even more visuals.