Instagram continues to roll out features to keep users engaged. Last week, for example, the platform introduced a feature that lets users search for emojis. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for pictures of Eggplant Parmesan, you may be out of luck: Instagram has blocked the ‘offensive’ eggplant emoji hashtag.

The world’s most prominent purple fruit – yes, folks, eggplants are not veggies – are not inherently naughty. In fact, they’re more commonly associated with delicious recipes as opposed to anything mischievous. However, Instagram has banned eggplant emojis from its search index, arguing that it is often used to tag photos that are adult in nature.

Why is the eggplant being singled out? After all, emoji hashtags such as bomb, gun, bloody syringe and even poop are seemingly still in the Instagram index. Not everyone is happy about the ban. Danny Rosen, a Product Manager at Cablevision with a history of using Eggplant testing software – yes, that is a thing – “found the reference to the fruit friendly and fun.” “The eggplant emoji is one of the cutest and most original,” said Leiti Hsu, the Heritage Radio Network show host and noted foodie. “As a food professional, I am heartbroken that I now am unable to directly connect with my fellow eggplant aficionados on Insta.”

There is some support for Instagram in the food community, however. “I agree with Instagram’s move, in the same way other platforms have had to censor to make offensive and/or damaging material less accessible,” says digital marketing executive and noted NYC foodie Karen Yung. She notes Tumblr’s problems with Pro Self-Harm blogs, such as Tumblrs featuring young people posting photos of themselves intentionally starving themselves, which was exacerbating a known social problem.

When asked for comment, an Instagram spokesman said the eggplant emoji was removed from the searchable index as it was “consistently associated” with photos or videos that violate the social network’s community standards. Basically, anything that shows intercourse, genitals, and buttocks sans covering are off limits – and of course, eggplants as well.