High school never ends, right? Especially on social media–with TimeHop and TBT and Twitter beef. It’s not all going down in the DMs, and we’re checking what social networks integrate best with others (see our previous post on how Facebook works with others). Basically, if social media were a high school party–who’s the best hostess and who’s vomming on your shoes and running away?


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Twitter + Vine

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Creators and fans alike will enjoy how nicely Twitter is playing with Vine. In 2015, Vine intertwined with Twitter, allowing you to connect the accounts. Your Twitter account can appear on you Vine profile and vice (vine?) versa. The functionality of this union is also there, allowing an easy click to direct you to respective apps. When people visit your Twitter profile, they can see the Vine icon alongside your total loops and tap the link to go to your Vine profile. So simple, so sweet–and so smart, as the majority of Vine uses were taking to Instagram/Facebook to cross-promote. This draws them to Twitter.


Twitter + Snapchat

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For laymen–creators and fans alike–Twitter is not optimized to use with Snapchat. Snapchat is not meant to be archival, but obviously you can upload saved media to a Twitter account. The dimensions, however, are completely oppositional–where Twitter leans towards landscape, Snapchat is entirely vertical.

Additionally, Snapchat’s content is all-encompassing–text, emoji, video are all inclusive, so it shouldn’t require additional comment. Thus, when posting to Twitter, the text is superfluousness but there is no searchable quality to the content. There are no advantages to using these platforms together. It is interesting to note that when Twitter is the most common platform that creators use as an engagement CTA (i.e. “I want to hear what you think. Snap me or tweet me at…”)

As a publisher, however, there is some functionality here, as Forbes reports:

Snapchat is now letting publishers link directly to their Discover content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and around the Web. Discover publishers got the option to “deep link” to their Snapchat-specific articles, videos and animations for the first time on Monday, a Snapchat spokesperson said. “Deep-linking” means a link takes a user to a specific page within an app, not to a homepage. On desktop computers, the links appear as QR codes, unique account IDs, that users can scan using Snapchat on mobile devices. The links take mobile users who have Snapchat directly to the publisher’s Discover feed and prompt users without Snapchat to download the app.

I mean, some of us can just pull off anything.

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Twitter + Facebook

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All the ways Snapchat fails on Twitter stand for Facebook. But as mentioned above, publishers have an exclusive connectivity for optimized content. No use re-explaining it; you get it.


Twitter + Pinterest

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Pinterest, on the other hand, is integrating even more with Twitter by allowing shared photos to appear in users’ expanded tweets. Pins will not show up in Twitter’s “recent images” widget, however.


Twitter + Instagram

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As you’ve probably seen from your favorite social media inept celebrity, Instagram photos no longer pull through to Twitter. Unless your Instagram caption is specifically engineered to be click-bait, these platforms should not interact. (There is, however, a workaround hack that will automatically post your Instagram media as Twitter photos. Try it here.)


Twitter + YouTube

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For some time, Twitter cards have pulled into YouTube, automatically removing the redundant linkage. More recently, we’re seeing YouTube video auto-playing, as well, when it used to require a click. This is emblematic of Twitter’s mirroring of Facebook to stay competitive.