Social media advertising is imperative in today’s media landscape. In the case of networks as large as Facebook, the new method of social advertising invokes the “pay to play” method, or forking over the money to guaranteed your content gets viewed in the right place, at the right time, by the right people.

We asked marketers in our Future of Social report what networks they used for social media advertising, and how often:




Social Media Advertising- Annually 



Graph Monthly Ads



Social Media Advertising Daily

Facebook and Instagram Dominate Social Media Advertising

Mixpo’s Justin Kistner was surprised at the lack of advertisers utilizing Facebook’s ad manager. “The two networks with the best ROI and scale are Facebook and Google. It astounds me that almost 20% of the respondents say they aren’t advertising on Facebook,” says Kistner.

61 percent of respondents use social media advertising giant Facebook monthly for ads, while 30 percent use the network’s ads daily. With those numbers rising high above the results from other social media advertising managers, it is no wonder Facebook’s stock is steadily rising.

Instagram’s results are definitely worth noting. The network’s ad platform is relatively new, yet their advertising numbers are very close to Twitter in all measurements- daily, monthly, and annually. “Twitter’s [social media advertising] offering has been around for years longer, but Instagram is on pace to overshadow it in less than 1 year from coming out of beta,” adds Kistner.

This could be indicative of a decline in Twitter use while Instagram’s social media advertising base continues to rise (and prove to be of more value to marketers).

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