You heard the news, you watched the world react, you learn who the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is- only to read that he’s resigning. The British exit from the European Union (EU), or the now famous “Brexit,” is happening whether you are prepared or not: and it’s going to impact digital marketing.

  1. The EU Countries Will Work to Bring Tech Giants Down

According to Fortune’s David Meyer, Germany and France have tried to crack down on the technology moguls like Google and Facebook, but the UK has a relative lax attitude towards their transgressions. With Brexit, the United Kingdom has less traction to push back against other EU country efforts to fight to equalize the digital marketing playing field.

  1. Uncertainty Leads to Less Faith

Meyer notes that Microsoft has warned that Britain’s decision to leave the EU would make them less likely to invest more in the UK’s businesses. Microsoft’s attitude reflects the mounting anxiety surrounding the economic climate in Britain. Without the stability and trade agreements that come with being part of the EU, the future remains uncertain for many digital marketing businesses rooted in the UK.

Brexit impact digital marketing
Mark Glover, chairmain of the APPC.
  1. It’s up to digital marketing firms to guide Britain/Europe/the world through this change

Chairman of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) Mark Glover tells PR Week’s Ian Griggs “In the next two or three years, every company is going to be impacted by changes to regulations and legislation and public affairs people will be needed to guide people through that.” Now more than ever, companies will turn to PR and digital marketing practitioners to guide them through how to respond to Brexit, adapt to its implications, and grow their prospects in the face of uncertainty.

While the Brexit fallout unfolds, help your audience members rise and respond when other businesses crack under the pressure of Brexit and its monumental shift in the global economy, and you will not only help your clients’ and audiences’ businesses, but also your own.