LinkedIn just made a major announcement, explaining how Sponsored Updates will work in your LinkedIn feed in your browser, or via a tablet or smartphone, and allowing the vast majority of paying LinkedIn customers to take advantage of this marketing tool. Starting today, Sponsored Updates will be available to LinkedIn customers with an account representative assigned to them; LinkedIn expects to make this feature available to any company with a LinkedIn Company Page within weeks.

Over the last half a year, LinkedIn has been rolling out Sponsored Updates in the LinkedIn feed with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Xerox and Adobe, among others. These updates will look like regular posts, but they are clearly labeled “Sponsored,” as one would expect. If a Sponsoted Update isn’t relevant to you, no worries: LinkedIn offer the ability to hide it from your feed by hovering over any Sponsored Update and looking for the Hide button.

Customers will be able to select from CPC or CPM pricing, and will be able to promote updates in any language or country/region supported by LinkedIn. Companies will be able to track their posts’ results via a comprehensive analytics tool, so that they can manage campaigns in real-time.

Is it worth it for companies to take advantage of Sponsored Updates? It will depend on how your ability to manage the campaign, but we would undoubtedly say this is a social advertising tool that you *need* to be paying attention to over the next few months.

Interested in sponsoring an update? You can learn more about LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates in LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions blog.