Amtrak is an institution responsible for transporting 86,000 riders per day, and is essential to many people’s way of life. Because of the scope of different people that Amtrak services, diversity and inclusion are key components of Amtrak’s mission, and crucial to the organization’s ongoing success.

Proponent assisted Amtrak with the following:

  • Developing the strategy for and maintaining a number of diversity-minded websites, including (LGBT), (African Americans), and (Hispanics)
  • Identifying and cultivating new bloggers to write about Amtrak’s diversity focused, while soliciting pitches from existing blogger pool
  • Developing editorial calendar
  • Creating offers on a site-by-site basis
  • Implementing Amtrak tracking codes to be able to monitor referrals back to
  • Daily monitoring and updating of Outbrain/Taboola
  • Analyzing data to identify insights, trends and learnings

Prior to Proponent, Amtrak had an outmoded means of building relationships with the three minority groups it was looking to increase sales from. Firebrand not only revamped Amtrak’s entire strategy, but it found a way to do so more cost effectively than before. Amtrak continues to employ the changes made by Firebrand to this day.