It’s not easy for a nonprofit foundation to do all of its great work. There’s the challenge of fundraising, not to mention combating the general apathy of the typical consumer. You’re trying to do a good deal with little in the way of resources.

Who has the time to engage in robust competitive analysis, much less develop a comprehensive strategy for the following year? Proponent’s research arm was tasked with using its analysis on the future of video, social media advertising, adblockers, and more in order to support Voss’ mission. To better support Voss, Proponent was tasked with building a thorough competitive analysis, identifying opportunities for a marketing resource-strapped charitable foundation to make a tremendous impact via underutilized opportunities, such as digital marketing.

Thanks to Proponent’s research and analysis, Voss was able to achieve a year-over-year increase on its digital reach surpassing its yearly fundraising objective by 21%.

Being a part of an initiative that makes the world a better place? That’s just the icing on the cake.