Since 2001, BECCA Cosmetics has delighted customers with foundations, powders and primers that amplify individuals’ best features. The brand was getting better recognition, but margins were tight and BECCA needed to increase revenue.

BECCA brought in Proponent and tasked us with significantly improving sales. In order to do so, we developed a comprehensive strategy to acquire new customers and maintain consistent, high quality engagement with their consumers throughout the year. The strategy reached its apex during a 3 month microsite campaign designed and developed by Proponent to drive sales, acquire new customers, and launch a hugely successful product with a key influencer.

Proponent was able to dramatically improve the size of BECCA’s audience while increasing sales online and in-store.

In a one-year span, their email list grew 434%. During the campaign’s 3 month peak, BECCA’s list grew by 170%.

The campaign led to BECCA’s four highest days of web traffic in the brand’s history. We also helped Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with BECCA, exclusive to Sephora, sell out in retail stores within hours of launching. Moreover, the activation ended on a high note: BECCA’s all-time highest 24-hour ecommerce revenue total ever.

The campaign helped BECCA impress not just consumers, but competitors as well and led directly to BECCA’s successful acquisition by Estée Lauder later in the same year.