Lipstick Queen has been around for 11 years, but with new entrants and competitors flooding the market, it was more important than ever that their messaging be clear and consistent across all touch points.

Lipstick Queen needed to increase alignment of their brand identity internally as well as create efficiencies for creative executions of their core elements, copy and tone, photography, and social media assets.

In order to define the brand’s identity system, Proponent first needed to gather as much data about the brand as possible.

We conducted team interviews with the founder, employees, and other key decision makers. We also researched and analyzed internal documents, websites, competitors, partners, and stores. Then we leveraged our social listening tools to gain real-time, data-backed insights into their audience’s demographics, interests, influencers, and habits. Proponent then combined this data with peer-reviewed psychological research and our extensive brand building experience to define the Lipstick Queen Brand Persona.

With this foundational document as our starting point, we then refined the core brand elements and usage rules, codified the copy and tone, generated guidelines for product and model photography, created a social media guide outlining how to translate the identity across multiple channels online, and defined the strategy and usage guidelines to ensure their identity was understood and implemented properly throughout the company.

Even before final delivery of the brand identity system, the Lipstick Queen team began implementing our guides in the top level creative they were working on, crystallizing Lipstick Queen’s identity into the clear, unique vision the Lipstick Queen team had envisioned.

Brand new product photography, model photography, and copy were created for multi-channel marketing initiatives, websites, and campaigns, based on the system our team defined. Firmly anchored, Lipstick Queen’s visual identity in brick and mortar stores and online is now positioned to increase their brand equity and top of mind recall in their beauty niche.