DMC dates back 270 years, selling fabrics, thread, and yarn for creative purposes. However, the $800 Million company sold all of its products through wholesale channels, which became very margin-challenged.

Moreover, DMC’s branding was not through wholesale channels, which became very margin-challenged.

We created Commonthread, an entirely new brand, on behalf of DMC. This involved creation of the brand name, as well as the brand mark, and all facets of the new brand’s creative.

Moreover, we developed a year-long calendar leading up to the launch of the brand, which included overseeing the new website’s creative, spearheading photo shoots and creative direction, and developing all creative assets for social media and email marketing. We also oversaw influencer marketing: sourcing the right brand ambassadors, finding unique methods for them to drum up excitement around the new brand, and developed innovative ways to include them in our marketing materials.

The brand was able to catapult ecommerce distribution from 1% to 11% of its overall US sales in just one year, vastly increasing the company’s overall bottom line. Moreover, the US pilot convinced three large international markets to follow suit in the next 12 months.