The House of Creed is a renowned fragrance line that has been around since the 1700s. That longevity has led to a cult following, but the brand was on the lookout for new customers – especially with a pivotal new fragrance, Viking, set to debut.

Services Provided

  • Multi-phase launch strategy
  • Direct mail sample campaign to bring the Viking experience to new customers
  • Landing pages specifically aimed at new customers for lead acquisition
  • Fulfillment logistics for sample campaign

The result was an outstanding success, creating tremendous momentum for the new product line. Proponent partnered with Creed’s PR team to not only make the Viking launch a major headline in leading beauty publications, but consumers took notice: the first wave of 2,500 samples were “sold out” in 72 hours, well ahead of initial projections, and the brand’s goal of 12,500 new prospective customers was met by the team’s internal deadline.