Both technologically dynamic and socially frivolous, social media platforms tread a fascinating/terrifying balance–a tenuous tightrope between being old enough to matter and young enough to matter. What always strikes me is how quickly it seems these platform juggernauts come to popularity.  More often than not, they’ve been quietly stewing and gaining momentum for years before barreling into the public eye as a phenomenon.

Even as they dabble in irrelevance (dare I say obscurity?), they always return to triumph with a victorious innovation or completed milestone. JUST LIKE HILARY DUFF.

Here is the comprehensive timeline of social media, as told in time-specific gifs of Hilary Duff’s life–which is exactly the resource you never knew you needed. You’re welcome.

social media hilary duff


Facebook created: February 4, 2004

social media hilary duff

Meanwhile, 2004 saw Hilary filming her last episode of Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire, releasing her pop album Hilary Duff, launching her clothing line Stuff by Hilary Duff, and starring in A Cinderella Story. Oh, yeah and she started dating Joel Madden. 


YouTube created: February 14, 2005

social media hilary duff

Hilary in 2005 was a formidably buzzing celebrity; she starred in The Perfect Man and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, hosted MTV’s Teen Choice Awards, and released another album entitled Most Wanted



Twitter created: March 21, 2006

social media hilary duff

Our girl Hil had a hard 2006: she broke up with Madden and starred in Materials Girls with the incomparable Haylie Duff. Plus she proved she was a true ~*celeb*~ by releasing a perfume, named With Love…Hilary Duff, in conjunction with her latest single.


YouTube acquired by Google: November 13, 2007

social media hilary duff

Like YouTube, 2007 Hilary Duff was a woman out to prove she could be a grown up. She began dating Mike Comrie, a Canadian NHL player (so he knows something about rebounds) and appeared on Maxim. Also television documentary Hilary Duff: This Is Now aired then, and her parents got divorced. 

2008 – 2009

Nothing happened, okay?!


Pinterest created: March 2010

Instagram created: October 6, 2010

social media hilary duff

In 2010, Hilary was branching out. She starred in indie film Bloodworth, released her first novel Elixir, and married Mikey C. She also starred in ABC Family television film Beauty & the Briefcase, and we can’t forget that.


Snapchat created: September 2011

social media hilary duff

In 2011, Hilary wrote her second book in the Elixir series, Devoted. She also starred in Bloodworth and announced her pregnancy.



Facebook went public: May 18, 2012.

Facebook hit 1 Billion Users: October 4, 2012

Facebook Buys Instagram: April 9, 2012

Instagram hit 100 Million: April 2012

Snapchat hit 10 Million Users: September 2012

social media hilary duff

Big year for Facebook’s adoption and other social media, bigger year for Hilary’s first baby. She gave birth to her son, Luza Comrie Cruz, in 2012. She also starred in She Wants Me and guest judged Project Runway.



YouTube hit 1 Billion Monthly Users: March 20, 2013

Twitter went public: November 7, 2013

social media hilary duff

2013 Hilary was a wayward vixen, guest-starring on several shows, including Raising Hope (her first role since having her son) and Two and a Half Men. She published the third novel in the Elixir series, True; and filmed indie film, Flock of Dudes.  



Pinterest hit 100 Million Users: September 17, 2015

social media hilary duff

Hilary was the queen of 2015. She filed for divorce and mounted her comeback, releasing her 5th studio album Breathe In. Breathe Out. She also starred in Younger, her first television starring role since Lizzie McGuire.


And just as HilDu continues forth in the chameleon-like comeback she’s been making since she got famous, these social media platforms will evolve and extinguish and bounce right back. Laugh it off, and let it go. And when you wake up, it will seem so yesterday.

social media hilary duff