Since 1936, Consumer Reports has published unbiased product research and ratings, providing consumers with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions. It’s vital to Consumer Reports’ mission and identity that all content is informed and enriched by direct consumer feedback. We were tasked with determining the best social media practices to employ—and how to employ them—so that the world’s largest independent product testing organization could be confident it was serving its users’ needs for clear, honest, and reliable information.


Site Retention


Social Impressions on Branded Content


Social Media Output/Day

We took Consumer Reports’ commitment to tireless research and impartial testing to heart. Our core focus, “You’ll never know until you try,” led us to conduct multiple concurrent experiments on a variety of platforms. For three months, we consulted with the Home & Appliance Content group (both current and new Twitter users) on the many different ways to listen, engage, and share information using social listening and community management tools.

Under our ongoing guidance, we:

  • Increased the Consumer Reports team’s skills in using social media strategically, to better represent their brand
  • Recommended actionable observations from twelve weeks worth of social listening data
  • Trained the group in practices optimized for engaging with and understanding the Consumer Reports audience
  • Initiated the usage of compelling visuals and captions to spur more engagement