The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a much-hallowed institution that needs to fill its funnel with new recruits on an ongoing basis and through as many channels as possible. To do so, it turned to Proponent to power its recruitment efforts via social media.

Proponent assisted the USMC with the following:

  • Creating a storytelling narrative to position the organization around a few key pillars
  • Developing a clear photographic style
  • Creating all photography assets
  • Optimizing lead generation efforts both on the social media side as well as on the website side of the funnel
  • Spearheading social media engagement

Prior to Proponent, the USMC had no clear method for tracking conversions from its social media efforts to the lead generation forms on its website. Proponent developed a methodology so that USMC could track its return on investment, and continues to employ Proponent’s methodology to this day.

Proponent’s efforts helped the USMC go from missing its recruitment quotas on social media to surpassing those quotas on an ongoing basis.